How to use Lockdown Mode in macOS

Lockdown Mode in macOS

With macOS Venture, Apple introduced Lockdown mode to help protect Macbook from sophisticated cyber attacks. When you enable the Lockdown mode, your MacBook will not function like it typically does to protect your personal and sensitive data.

What is macOS Lockdown Mode?

Lockdown mode is an optional mode that offers an extreme level of security settings to protect your MacBook from high-risk cyberattacks targeted against your personal data. When you enable Lockdown mode, it locks down your Mac and limits several features such as receiving most message attachments, incoming FaceTime calls, Incoming invitations for Apple services, and more. It also blocks certain web technologies, removes shared albums from Photos apps, and ability to install configuration profiles.

How to turn on Lockdown Mode

To enable Lockdown mode on MacBook, Click the Apple menu icon at the top left corner and then select System Settings. From the sidebar, click Privacy & Security. Here, you will see Lockdown Mode. Tap Turn On Lockdown Mode.

Lockdown Mode

It will ask you to enter the password or tap verify Touch ID to continue. Then click Turn on & Restart.

After the reboot, the MacBook will behave differently.

How to turn off Lockdown Mode

To turn off Lockdown Mode, Click the Apple logo at the top left corner and then System Settings. Now go to Privacy & Security, look for Lockdown Mode, and Turn Off Lockdown Mode.

Wrap Up

Lockdown Mode is an excellent feature of macOS to provide a higher level of security in certain extreme cases. Most macOS users don’t need Lockdown Mode. But people who are working on sensitive projects such as journalists and scientists sometimes face extremely high-risk cyber attacks. Apple also added the same Lockdown mode in iOS as well. The Lockdown mode in iOS works in the same way and blocks certain apps and features to protect your personal data.


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