How to clear Mac clipboard


The clipboard is a temporary storage area the memory where the operating system keeps the content you copy or cut and paste to another location. Clipboard basically acts as an intermediary between the copy/cut and paste operations. When you copy or cut any data, the data is stored in the clipboard. In macOS, you can … Read more

How to lock chats in WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that lets users have text conversations, audio calls, video calls, photo sharing, file sharing, and location sharing. The platform keeps adding features to make messaging experience even better. In the latest update, the company has added a locked chat feature. Recently, it also allowed users to use the same … Read more

How to share files from Android to Windows wirelessly using Nearby Share

Nearby Share Windows

Google introduced NearBy share back in 2020 for quickly sharing files between Android devices. It works similarly to AirDrop. Nearby Share makes a peer-to-peer network between devices for file transfer. Now Google has released Nearby Share for Windows. So, you don’t need data transfer cables for transferring files between Android to Windows. For using NearBy … Read more

10 Best Websites to Download Free Fonts

free fonts

Only web designers can understand the importance of font. A good font automatically makes the design impressive and improves readability. Most web designers are always in search of fresh free fonts to use in their next web design projects. But not all fonts are free. Sometimes a font bundle really costs high. So, people usually … Read more