How to Backspace on a Mac

Apple’s keyboard or keyboard on MacBook is different from Keyboard on a Windows PC or laptop. A person who just switched from Windows to Mac instantly misses the Backspace key. Mac keyboard lacks a Backspace key and uses a Delete key in place of Backspace. It also does the same function

On the Windows PC keyboard, the Backspace key lets you do backward delete by deleting characters behind the cursor, and the Delete key does forward delete by deleting characters in front of the cursor.

On the Mac keyboard, Delete works as the Backspace key on Windows and does backward delete. To Backspace on Mac, use the Delete key.

But, how would you do forward delete on Mac? For forward delete, use fn and Delete keys. It will delete text in front of the cursor, the same as the Delete key does in Windows.

How to Backspace on a Mac

So you know Backspace and Delete exist on Mac but are labeled differently. Use Delete for the function of Backspace and Fn+Delete for the function of Delete.

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