How to Use Hot Corners on Mac

Hot Corners on a Mac

macOS features Hot Corners that lets you perform actions by moving your cursor to any corner of the screen. For example, if you move the cursor to the bottom right corner, it brings up a tiny black square. Clicking on it opens the quick notes. You can also set actions for other corners. For example, start the screen saver if you move the cursor to the top right corner and lock the Mac if you move the cursor to the bottom left corner. In this article, I will explain to you how to set up and use Hot corners on Mac.

For setting up actions for all four hot corners, Click the Apple logo at the top left corner and then click System Settings.

Hot Corners on a Mac

Now click Desktop & Dock in the left sidebar.

Hot Corners on a Mac

Scroll down and then click Hot Corners.. button.

Hot Corners on a Mac

It will open the Hot Corners panel.

Hot Corners on a Mac

You have 4 different drop downs for all four corners. Click the respective drop to select the action. You have 10 different actions to choose from the drop down.

Use Hot Corners on a Mac

The action you select from the drop down for a corner will run when you move the mouse cursor to that corner. If you want to include a modifier key, hold that key while making the selection. You can use Command, Option, Control, Shift, or a combination of these keys. For example, if I select Command, the action will be performed if I press Command and take the mouse to that corner.

Hot Corners on a Mac

If you don’t want to select action for a cover, keep the dash selected. When you finish, click OK and it will save your actions.

Now check if your hot corners are working. Move your cursor to one of the corners to see if it performs the action you set up. If you selected the Hot Corners using a modifier key, don’t forget to click the modifier key while moving the cursor to the corner.

I selected Lock Mac for the bottom left corner. But I ended up locking up my Mac several times by accidentally moving the cursor to that corner. Later I added the Command modifier key for that action. Now I need to Press Command to invoke that action.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to set up and use Hot Corners on Mac. This feature is cool if you know how to wisely use it. Windows doesn’t offer the Hot Corners feature. So, don’t try finding it for Windows. If you still have anything to ask, You can leave a comment. I have several useful macOS articles. Explore the website using Menu or use search to find specific articles.


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