4 Best Tools To Transform Image into ASCII Art

Image to ASCII Art

Sometimes we see some dotted black and white photos similar to the attached one. It is called ASCII ART. ASCII Art is the way of transforming an image into a collection of ASCII characters that looks like the B/W version of the original picture. It can also be said of text-based visual art.

What is ASCII Art?

ASCII Art is a photo drawn with printable letters, numbers, and symbols available in the ASCII character set. ASCII arts were used back in the 1970s and early 1980s when didn’t have computers with good graphics abilities. ASCII arts were used to create large banners and posters.

Here is an example of how a photo looks in ASCII art. You can also make ASCII art from image if you want by using a good image to ASCII art maker.


There are many online services that allow users to input images and then see output images as a collection of ASCII characters. If you know how to code, you can use Python or any other programming language to write a tool to convert any image to ASCII art. For other people, there are several online tools. In this article, I will be adding a list of the best Images to ASCII Art converters.

Image to ASCII Art converters

1. Ascii-art-generator.org

Ascii-art-generator.org is an impressive online tool that can generate color or monochrome Ascii arts of an image. This online ASCII generator also supports several output formats. You can either upload an image or enter the image URL. Then select what kind of ASCII art you want to create. This is the best picture to ASCII art generator tool available online.

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IMG2TXT is a nice online tool developed by DeGraeve.com. It takes the image URL and then outputs the image ASCII art. There is no option to upload an image. It accepts the URL of a GIF, JPG, or PNG image. You can also select the letters to use in the ASCII Art. This tool also confirms that it won’t work well on larger images. So, images should not be bigger than 640×480 pixels resolution. If you didn’t get good results in the previous tool, try this image to ASCII converter tool.

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3. Mnytools

Manytools also offers a nice online tool to convert images to Ascii Art. This tool lets you upload an image and then convert it into an Ascii art. The maximum upload size of the image should be less than 0.5 MB. You can select the width of the output and other options. This tool is also a good one to convert image to ASCII art.

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4. Text-Image

Text-Image also has an online tool where you can upload an image and convert it into ASCII art. You can select Image width, text color, background, and other options. This too also works well and converts any kind of image into ASCII art.

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Wrap Up

There are so many similar kinds of tools available to play with your images by converting them into ASCII ART. Ascii-art-generator is my favorite image to ASCII converter tool because it can also generate color ASCII arts. Try all these tools to convert picture to ASCII art and see their results. Other tools also work well. If you have any similar kind of tool that converts images to ASCII arts, do not forget to share it with us.



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