How to share Google Maps location using a QR code?

Location QR Code

Suppose you are hosting an event where you will be inviting friends and family. After booking the venue, you have to share the location with everyone using invitation cards physically or digitally. The invitation card lists the event’s date, time, and location. If the location is not so popular, you also get the pain of sharing the location with many people on the event day so everyone can easily find the venue.

You can solve this problem in two ways. Share the Maps location at the time of sharing the digital invitation card and get a map designed to add to the printed physical invitation card. I remember the marriage cards our family used to receive had such printed maps to give us a holistic view of the area. But sharing location via Google Maps is the best way and you can do it in both physical or digital cards. The easiest way is by adding the location QR code to the invitation card. It can be added to both physical and digital invitation cards. Scanning this QR code will open the location in Google Maps. So, one can easily navigate to the location.

Google Maps QR Code

Google Maps doesn’t get any native option to generate and share the QR code of a location. So, you have to manually make a QR code. In this guide, I will tell you how to make the QR code for a location.

Step 1: Open Google Maps on the web or in App and look at the location whose QR code you want to make.

share Google Maps location using QR code?

Step 2: Now use the share option to get the location URL. You will be needing this QR code for making the QR code.

Step 3: Open the free QR code maker and paste the location URL in the link option. Now select the market icon in the logo section because we are making the location QR code and adding an icon will make it more beautiful. You can select the QR code background or foreground color if you want. There’s also an option to select patterns if you think default QR grids are boring.

share Google Maps location using a QR code?

Step 4. This is the final step. Click on Generate QR Code button and it will generate the QR code after a few seconds of processing.

This tool makes static QR codes. Once the QR code is printed, you cannot change the location. If there are chances of location change, you can go with dynamic QR codes where you can change the location data anytime without affecting the QR code design. So, the location can be changed even after QR codes have been printed on cards.

Wrap Up

I didn’t go into the detail of getting the location URL using the Maps app or Maps website. I thought it is easy. In case you also have an issue finding the location URL, you can ask using the comments section. By using the above steps you can easily create a beautiful QR code for a location to share in the invitation card. Scanning the QR code will open the location in Google Maps where one can use navigate option to reach the location.

Now you know how to make a QR code for a location. Next time when you want to share a location, don’t forget to think about the QR code way.



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