How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram


There can be a number of reasons why an Instagram user blocks another user. If you are one of those Instagram users who may have been blocked by someone but want to confirm it, you should know how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram. In this article, I will write a few steps which can help you in knowing if you have been blocked by an Instagram user.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Follow these steps to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

To check if a user blocked you, open the Instagram app and search for who you think has blocked you. Now there could be two things. Either the profile is public or private. If the profile is public, you should be able to see the profile in search. If you type the username in the search box but see no results, the other user has blocked you.

Open a web browser and login into your Instagram account. Now open the Instagram profile on the web by adding a username in front of The URL will be something like this.

If the profile doesn’t show, try opening this link in an incognito window. If the profile shows up in incognito but not when you are logged in, the other person has blocked you.

Check your DMs if you have talked to the person on Instagram in the past. Open the DM and then try to visit the profile. If the other person blocked you, it will show the error ‘User not found’.

Here, you should also know that sending a direct message to a user who has blocked you does not make sense. The other user will not receive your messages and there is no way to know if the person has read your messages.

Now you know how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Note: The person who has blocked you can still see your profile. So, you can consider blocking him.

Final Words

If a person blocked you on Instagram, you should not panic. Just avoid that person and stop contacting him/her. I do not encourage cyber stalking or cyber abuse. So, you should respect the privacy of other Internet users. Now, you know how to check if you have been blocked. There is no way to see a list of users who blocked you. You can use these steps to check for every single user you think blocked you.

If you still got any confusion and want to ask, you can comment below. I will try to resolve your queries as soon as I get back online.

how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram


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