What is Snapscore? How does Snapchat Score works?


Snapchat is one of the most popular social messaging apps with interesting features. The app is mainly used by teens to connect with their close friends. Snapchat lets users share Snaps with friends. The app has text messages and a video calling option. Snapchat has several interesting features to make it an interesting platform. Snaps you send to friends are automatically deleted soon after they are viewed. If your friend takes screenshots of snaps or saves your snaps, you will be notified. When you open the profile or your friends on Snapchat, you will see Snap emoji to tell you how close you are to this friend on Snapchat. The profile also mentions the Snapscore of the friend. If you open your profile on Snapchat, you will see your own Snapscore.


Several people who are really active on Snapchat have a high Snapscore. A lot of people also want to know what is Snapscore and how to increase Snapscore rapidly. In this article, I will explain Snapscore, how it is calculated, and how to increase it quickly.

What is Snapscore?

Snapscore is an algorithmically calculated score to determine how active you have been on Snapchat so far.

How the Snapscore is calculated?

Snap has never clearly mentioned how it calculates Snapscore but it says that sending and receiving Snaps increase your Snapscore. Here are three key actions that increase your Snapscore by one point or more.

  1. The number of snaps you send.
  2. The number of snaps you view.
  3. The number of stories you send.

Sometimes you also get bonus points for sending Snaps to multiple people and by maintaining long Snapchat Streaks. Sometimes snap also offers bonus points for being active on Snapchat again after a long pause.

Sending or receiving text messages, checking Stories of other users or anything else doesn’t impact your Snapscore.

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score

Now that you know what factors contribute to your Snapscore, you can guess how you can increase your Snapchat score. You need to keep sending Snaps to your friends multiple times a day and ask your friends to send Snaps to you. You should also share several stories. So, the more active you are on Snapchat, the faster you can increase your Snapscore.

There is no other way. I have seen some tools promising hacks to increase Snapchat scores quickly. Don’t fall for these hacks and tools. There is no way any tool or third-party app can increase your Snapscore. Don’t pay for any such tools.

The Benefit of a High Snapscore

You will not get any extra benefit for having a high Snapscore. A lot of people just keep sending Snaps to their friends several times a day without actively knowing the benefits of Snapscore. They just want to have high Snapscore than the Snapscore of their friends.

In the past, Snap used to show Snap Trophies in the profile. These trophies were awarded based on the Snapscore. Here is the list to understand what Snap trophies the company used to offer for surpassing the Snapscore milestone

BabyEarn a Snapchat score of 10
Gold StarEarn a Snapchat score of 100
SparklesEarn a Snapchat score of 1,000
Shooting StarEarn a Snapchat score of 10,000
ExplosionEarn a Snapchat score of 50,000
RocketEarn a Snapchat score of 100,000
GhostEarn a Snapchat score of 500,000

In April 2020, Snap removed Snapchat trophies completely from the app. So people who used to keep sending Snaps a lot for these trophies were disappointed. Snapchat has not replaced trophies with charms. Snapchat Charms appear on your friendship profile.

Now when there are no Snapchat trophies, there is no certain reason why you should have a high Snapscore. Having a high Snapscore just confirms that you are too active on Snapchat and send or receive a lot of Snaps.

Why can’t I see the Snapscore of my friend?

Snapchat shows you the Snapscore of mutual friends. If you added a person but the person hasn’t added you back, you will not see his/her Snapscore. I hope now you know why the Snapscore of a friend is not available.

Can I hide my Snapscore?

There is no way to hide your Snapsore from your friends. You can only hide your Snapscore for a specific person by unfollowing or blocking him.

Can Snapscore go down?

No, Snapscore doesn’t go down. There is no action that can earn negative points for Snapscore. If you think your Snapscore went down, it might be some error in the app. Close the app and open it again. It should be back to normal.

Why isn’t my Snapcore updating?

If you just sent a snap to 10+ friends and are checking Snapscore, don’t do this. Snapsocre doesn’t instantly update soon after you send a snap. The app waits for friends to check your Snap and then award you Snapscore.

Wrap Up

Now you know everything about Snapscore. I tried to make things clear, so everyone can easily understand what is Snapscore and how one can increase Snapscore quickly. As I already explained, you need to have too many friends and send a lot of Snaps daily to your friends. The more active you are on Snapchat, the faster you can increase your Snapscore.


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