How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


Instagram copied the stories feature from Snapchat but managed to beat Snapchat in the number of active users using Insta stories. Users can post photos or videos as Instagram stories. Users can add GIF stickers, Mention someone, and add text while sharing stories. Followers can see stories of people they are following by tapping on the icon at the top of the app. Stories allow a person to share a part of his/her life with them. People usually share where they are, what they are eating, whom they are meeting, and similar stuff to share the story of their day. It has made Instagram much more interesting and helped the company in getting better engagement.

Instagram shows the list of people who checked Instagram Story. If you share a story, you can easily see who checked your story. If you have used a location-based tag or hashtag, people can also find your story by the hashtag or location tag and see it. You can also find a location-based or hashtag-based story. If you watch a story shared by the person you are following, your name will in the watch list. There is no official option to check Instagram stories anonymously. But what if you want to do this? There is an option. Yes, you can check Instagram stories anonymously and your name will not be included in the watcher list. If you want to know how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously, keep reading this interesting article.

Watch Instagram stories anonymously

Here are a few ways to check Instagram Stories anonymously. You can not just watch but also save a copy on your system or mobile device. Have a look at these 5 methods.

1. Storiesig

For checking someone’s Instagram stories anonymously, you do not need to install anything. The trick I am sharing here uses the browser-based method. Just open the browser and navigate to This is the website that helps in checking Instagram Stories anonymously. Here, enter the username of the person whose stories you want to check. Tap on return to search and it will show you the search result with a number of stories available to see.

Watch Instagram stories anonymously

Select the user and you will be shown the stories of that profile. If a story is a video, you can even play it right from the browser. By following these steps, you can easily watch any Instagram story. You didn’t log in to Instagram on this website, so there is no way another person can see if you have watched the story. You can check any person’s Instagram story and there is no limitation on that.

The good thing is that there is no need to create an account on You just go and search for an Instagram user’s story.

This is the easiest way to check the Instagram Stories of a person anonymously.

Storiesig Review: Storiesig is really an impressive online tool to see Instagram stories anonymously. This tool doesn’t force you to create an account. Just open the URL and see stories of any Instagram user. So, you can use Storiesig for anonymous access to Stories in a few clicks.

2. Weinstag

There is another tool called This allows you to download stories of any other person from the browser. You just need to visit the website and enter the username. It will then show you the Stories of that person with the link to download them.

If there are multiple stories, it gives the link to all stories. You can see all Stories and download what you want to download. A link to download will be given for each story item. If a story is a video item, you can directly play it within the browser. you can see the snapshot above. It clearly shows the video play with audio control and the option to make it full screen.

This tool also allows you to download photos or videos of any Instagram user. If you were looking for that tool as well, you can go with this method. It will solve multiple purposes and you will have to remember just one tool.


Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously is another good website where you can watch Instagram stories without revealing your identity. You only need to enter the username of the Instagram user whose stories you want to see. It will show you the active stories of that account. It doesn’t ask you to make an account, neither it requires you to sign in via Instagram. So, there is no way it could reveal your identity. You can check stories of any public Instagram account and you will not be listed in the Story viewer list.

4. Inflact

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Inflact is a similar tool that lets you check the Stories of a public profile anonymously. When you open the website, it will show you a text box where you need to enter the username. Then click the search icon. In a few seconds, it will show you all the active stories. You also get the download link to download the Story if you want.

4. Story Saver App

Story Saver App is an Android app that lets you download Stories of any Instagram user. So, you can check the Stories of any user without visiting the profile. Your name won’t appear on the watch list. In this way, this app also lets you see Instagram Stories Anonymously


Note: I also want to make it clear that I am in no way encouraging stalking. While you cannot do any harm to other persons by checking the Stories, you are still breaching Privacy. So, do not misuse any of these tools. Even if you download photos of any Instagram user, do not use that for any malicious purpose. This blog neither promotes illegal things nor takes any responsibility for the harm you do by reading the content of the blog.

Q. Can you really check Instagram Stories anonymously?

A. Yes you can, we have already posted all the ways you can follow to check Instagram Stories anonymously

Q. Is Storiesig really anonymous?

A. Yes. It doesn’t ask you to log in via Instagram or create an account. So, there is no way it can know who you are.

Q. Does Storiesig work?

A. Yes, it works.

Q. What are some good Storiesig alternatives?

A. Weinstag and are two good Storiesig alternatives you can try.

Final Words

Now you know how to check the Instagram Story of any Instagram user anonymously. Do not forget to try this and see if it works for you. Method 1 is the best as it does not require any installation. Just go and enter the username to watch stories. Method 2 is also similar and even allows you to download stories. if you want an app, I have also added an Android app that lets you watch Stories anonymously. If you can watch Stories easily without installing anything, there is no need to put an extra burden on your browser. Just use the online Story viewer tools.

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