How to stream Omegle on Twitch and YouTube

How to stream Omegle on Twitch and YouTube

Be it streaming or meeting new people online. One can’t deny how both of them are enjoyed by a wide age range. So today, we’ll dive a little deeper into this conversation and talk about one of the most popular chatting sites Omegle!


Omegle, now what is Omegle? In simple words, Omegle is a free online random chat and video calling website where one can talk with strangers without registering. You get randomly paired with anyone from around the globe based on your interest. Thanks to Omegle, you are just a few taps away from connecting with a stranger anytime. Omegle works flawlessly on both a computer and a smartphone. Also, it allows saving the chats in a chat log. So, you can view the previous chat logs whenever you wish (It might not be a safe option since it could be accessed by someone else).

Why is Omegle popular nowadays?  

  • With over 23 million visits in a week and approximately 3.5 million visits in a day, it is one of the most popular sites, if not the most popular, leaving its alternatives miles behind in numbers. But the main question is, what makes this site so popular and much more preferred than others? In present times, where one has to stay at home all day due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, he may get bored because there’s only so much work one can do right? So, to take their minds off or to pass some time while also being able to meet like-minded people, Omegle has been the go-to place for many people.
  •  Even if you are just a regular teen with social awkwardness, Omegle is a great platform for you. I’m pretty sure you aren’t the only introverted kid looking to make some new friends and what better way to have the luxury of meeting new like-minded people online? 
  • Omegle is popular because of the fact how reliable it is. As the saying goes, one size does not fit all, for the ones who like face-to-face interactions, you can use Omegle how it’s usually used, by turning on the webcam. For the shy ones, you can use the text-based chatting feature, making it possible for all kinds of people to use it comfortably, according to their preferences.

Can you stream Omegle on Twitch?

Short answer, no, you can’t really. It’s simply due to the terms and conditions of twitch. There are some acts that a streamer is forbidden from showing to its viewers. Omegle might not be the best site to stream, since Omegle is also known for the nudity/racism/porn, and other stuff that goes on there, and showing any of these things on a twitch stream can get you banned. Although some people still ignore the rules and stream it, they might get a warning before getting banned from Twitch. It’s not worth it unless you want to get banned.

How to stream Omegle on twitch?

By having 0 viewers on your twitch stream. Since that’s the only way you can stream Omegle on twitch (by having no audience to watch the stream ). So unless you are looking to get banned from streaming anything on Twitch, don’t stream Omegle on it because, as mentioned above, any randomized chat platform such as Omegle and others are banned from being streamed on Twitch. Instead, you can just talk to your streamers or you can show and talk about the stuff you like and have an interest in, like football or current affairs which is a much better and safer option.

How to stream Omegle on YouTube?

Youtube is not as strict as Twitch. It does allow randomized chat platforms like Omegle to get streamed. Many creators stream it and get commendable live viewers. In addition to this, you can create separate highlight videos consisting of the funniest and most entertaining chats. 

So, let us begin with the steps:

Download OBS from here.

Install it and run it. 

Head to sources and click “+” to add sources to your stream.

Add video capture, sound capture, and game capture

stream Omegle on YouTube

Once you have added those above, head to the audio mixer and tweak it to your preference. Do not forget to check if there’s any movement or not in the mixers. This way you will have an idea if your microphone is working fine or not. 

Now that this is all done, head to settings and then go to  “stream”

stream Omegle on YouTube

Change your service to YouTube

Then go to “video” and set your desired fps

stream Omegle on YouTube

Check everything, and make sure you are getting desired output.

Click start streaming.

Is Omegle safe?

As many pros that Omegle has. It does come with a few cons since it is not the safest site out there as it does not have any known safety features. The website does not require registration, has no way of verifying a user’s age, and exposes users to predators. Some ways Omegle may pose a threat to people is by :

  1. Sharing or Viewing Inappropriate Content 
  2. Lack of moderation
  3. Hacking (hackers getting the IP address of the person on the screen )
  4. Exposure to porn and violence 
  5. Extortion by predators 

Omegle is used by millions of people including young teens. They have the risk of getting exposed to the things mentioned above. One must make sure that they are not spending time with any wrong influences online, also they should refrain from watching any of this if exposed. For parents, it’s better to keep young kids and teens away rather than risk the chances of them being exposed to anything sketchy.

Is Omegle safe to use on a phone?

Unless you give out any personal information you are pretty much safe. The chat feature is often anonymous. The video chat might give hackers your IP address but that’s about it. Hackers can’t do a lot even after getting your IP address, at most, you may encounter someone telling you your location just for the fun of it, giving you a little jump scare. It Doesn’t matter if you are using Omegle on the phone or your computer, as long as you don’t give out any personal information, you’ll be mostly safe. So if you get an uneasy feeling while chatting with anyone or feel like they possess a threat, just disconnect from the chat and start another one. You would be all good and without any troubles.

Can you get banned from streaming Omegle?

You can stream Omegle freely on popular video uploading sites like YouTube, since a lot of YouTubers stream speed running through Omegle, you can join them as well as streaming Omegle on YouTube would not get you banned. Other than that, on any other site which allows streaming of randomized chat platforms, you can stream Omegle on it (just make sure you don’t do it on twitch). 

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That was all that you need to know about Omegle, it may help you kill your loneliness but be aware and safe, you never know if the person on the other side has intentions as clear and safe as you, other than that, happy chatting and streaming folks!!


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