How to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch or YouTube?

Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch or YouTube

With an abundance of games and the affordability of powerful devices, streaming has been booming like never before. Choose from different platforms and a variety of devices. There is no excuse one can make to stop them showcase their gameplay. 

Many consoles even have in-built streaming capabilities. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not have a streaming feature, but with the help of a capture card, we can stream our gameplay from the Switch. Stay tuned to learn the way. 

Requirements to stream Nintendo Switch

  • Internet (6mbps upload)
  • TV/Monitor
  • HDMI cable x2
  • Capture Card
  • Webcam ( optional )
  • Microphone ( optional )
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Green Screen ( optional )

How to stream Nintendo switch with a capture card?

Now that you have gathered all the tools needed for streaming. It is finally time to put them together to complete the setup. So, let us begin. 

  1. Remove the Joy-Cons and put your Switch on the docking station. 
  2. Take the first HDMI cable and connect one end of it to the Switch dock and the other end to input the capture card. 
  3. Take the second HDMI cable and connect the output of the capture card to the Monitor/TV you wish to cast your video.
  4. Now connect your capture card to your PC with the help of a USB to get sound and images. 
  5. Add your webcam and microphone to your desktop to interact with your audience. 

With all the hardware connected and ready to go! We need software to make it all work seamlessly. For this, we recommend the renowned OBS Studio. 

Setting Up OBS

  1. Download OBS from their official site. (
  2. Once the download completes, install and run it. 
  3. Upon opening the OBS, you will see a black screen, and down you will see ‘sources’ 
  4. In the sources, click on “+” to add a video capture device. Often, OBS would automatically detect and show it as a “Device” 
  5. Now, start Switch to get display on OBS. 
  6. Open “settings” in the “controls” and select “stream”.
  7.  Select the platform of your choice. 
  8. Now that you have selected the platform you want to stream on, insert the key. 
  9. Your microphone should be auto-detected by OBS, to check it go to “Audio Mixer” and try speaking something if you see a disturbance it means your mic is working perfectly. If not, then add your microphone manually. 
  10. Since everything is intact, go to controls and hit “Start Stream”.

Note: Leave the settings as they are in OBS, you do not need to change settings, as OBS automatically chooses the resolution and other changes best suited to hardware. 

How to stream Nintendo switch without a capture card?

There are two simple methods to stream switch, so let us get to it quickly!

  • Using Xbox One
  • Using Streamlabs

First Method 

Using Xbox One

  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch. 
  2. Use an HDMI cable to connect it to your laptop/desktop.
  3. Connect your Xbox One to the monitor. 
  4. Launch the Switch on Xbox One. 
  5. Use an ethernet cable to connect the PC to the Xbox. 
  6. Download the Xbox app on your computer.
  7. Lookup for the Xbox console that displays Nintendo Switch.
  8. Install OBS, and you are ready to go!

Now that you have learned the first method. Let’s head to the second method, using Streamlabs. 

Second Method 

Using Streamlabs

  1. Download Streamlabs and install it. 
  2. Run the app and log into streaming sites. 
  3. If you wish to feed video and audio, enable it from the app itself.
  4. Add widgets and designs to the screen, to make your stream more appealing. 
  5. Set up your switch and hit the red button to start streaming. 

How to stream Switch on Discord with a capture card?

  1. A video capture card is an absolute necessity to stream Switch on Discord.
  2. Connect the HDMI to capture the card via the dock. 
  3. Download software for your video capture card from your card manufacturer’s website.
  4. Fire up your Nintendo, and you should be able to see your Nintendo display.
  5. Open notepad or any other text editor that you may have and paste the following:“C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” dshow:// :dshow-vdev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Video) (#01)” :dshow-adev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Audio) (#01)” :dshow-aspect-ratio=”16:9″ :dshow-audio-samplerate=48000 :dshow-audio-channels=2 :live-caching=0 :dshow-fps=60″.
  6. Now, head to the VLC media player, go to media and select Open Capture Device
  7. Make sure Capture Mode is set to DirectShow.
  8. Click on Show More Options, and go to the Edit Options text box. Here, copy the video card name in the Edit options. You will get this after “:dshow-vdev=”. Paste this copied name to the code in Notepad. Do not forget to put it between quotation marks.
  9. Follow the same steps for the audio card name. 
  10. Close VLC and go to the desktop. Right-click on the VLC media player icon. 
  11. Select properties and change the target to the location of the video capture card. Save your changes and hit OK. 
  12. Once you are done with the steps above, run the Discord app. 
  13. Click the screen option in your server and then select Applications
  14. Under Applications you should be able to see VLC Screen, select it to save it as your display.
  15. Tweak stream settings to your preferences and once you are done, Go live!

How to stream Switch on Discord without a capture card?

Sadly as of now, there is no way you can stream Switch to Discord without a video capture card. 

You can stream to other platforms without a capture card as we have guided above. 

Related FAQs:

For how much is a capture card for a switch available?

Video capture cards cost as low as $12 and as high as $400. Since there is a saying “Expensive does not necessarily mean best” but, in this case, it holds false. 

Cheap video capture cards do not have fast transmission and can make your stream laggy. Also, their output quality is not satisfying. It is better to get video capture cards from reputed brands like Elgato.

Our recommendations:

Best budget

  1. Elgato HD60 S+ External Capture Card
  2. Elgato 4K60 Pro MK
  3. DIGITNOW 4K60 Pro PCIe Capture Card

Best premium

  1. Elgato Game Capture HD60 X
  2. Avermedia Live Gamer Duo.
  3. Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus. 

How to stream on Nintendo Switch?

There is no inbuilt feature that helps to stream directly from the Nintendo switch. But, with other third-party software and hardware, we can make it work, and to our surprise, it works seamlessly. It should be a great decision to invest in the right gear if you plan to stream Nintendo Switch.

How to record on Switch without a capture card?

  1. Fire up your Switch. 
  2. Start playing your favorite title. 
  3. Hold down the capture button to start recording. 


  1. The Capture Button is a square button located under the directional pad.
  2. The inbuilt recorder only records for 30 secs so you might want to keep pressing the capture button.

How to stream from switch lite?

Unfortunately, Switch lite does not support streaming. You can only try streaming with Switch, not with Lite.


This guide covers everything you need to stream Nintendo Switch to the platform of your choice. This guide also answers frequently asked questions. If you would like to stream it and have any questions regarding the technicalities, we are here to help. 

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