How to set up call forwarding on iPhone

Call forwarding is a good feature that lets you forward an incoming call to an alternate number. There could be several circumstances when you want to forward an incoming call of a number to another number. This feature has been around for a long time and has been improved over time. Apple also lets users set up call forwarding and forward a call to another number. If you have a GSM network, you can do it directly on your phone. CDMA network users will have to contact their carrier for call forwarding-related information.

In this article, I will explain how you can enable or set up call forwarding on an iPhone. While writing this article, I assume you are using a GSM network.

Enable call forwarding on iPhone

To enable call forwarding, open the Settings app and look for Phone. Tap Phone and then go to Call Forwarding. Now enable the toggle in front of Call Forwarding.

Enable call forwarding on iPhone

It will bring a new option saying Forward To. Tap on it and enter the phone number where you want to forward calls. After entering the phone number, tap the Back located at the top left corner.

Enable call forwarding on iPhone

Now all the incoming calls will be forwarded to the new number you entered while enabling call forwarding.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to enable call forwarding in an iPhone. If you want to forward calls to another number, enable it. Follow the same steps to disable the call forwarding. In case you don’t see the call forwarding option, you are most probably using a CDMA network. So, contact your carrier to get instructions about call forwarding.

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