How to Prevent Pocket Dialing or Butt Dialing

How to Prevent Pocket Dialing or Butt Dialing

Pocket Dialing or Butt Dialing

Many times it happens to me when my phone is in my pocket and automatically dials someone. It happens to me countless times and I am sure you may have also faced the same. This is called Pocket calling and is also referred to as butt dialing. The recipient of the call just listens to random noise when answering the call and the caller remains unaware. In the above case, the unaware caller is me.

Butt dialing, also known as pocket dialing or accidental calling, refers to the unintentional dialing or calling of someone on a mobile phone when it is in a pocket, purse, or other confined space. It typically occurs when the buttons on the phone are pressed inadvertently by physical contact or pressure, such as sitting on the phone or moving within a bag or pocket.

Modern smartphones often have features and safeguards in place. However, butt dialing can still occur if these measures are not in use or if the user accidentally bypasses them.

You must know that Pocket dialing is not a small issue. It is because millions of people face butt dialing daily. The phrase “pocket dial” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2015, highlighting its widespread usage and recognition.

As per reports, as many as 30% of emergency calls may be accidental calls. 911 and 999 report receiving many false alarms due to pocket dialing. This can also be the reason for a few embarrassing moments. This may create serious issues. So, you must take care of this and think of doing something to prevent it. If you’ve been unsuccessful in preventing this despite numerous attempts, don’t worry! I have some helpful tips for you.

Prevent Accidental Pocket Dialing or Butt Dialing

Follow these preventive measures to avoid pocket dialing or butt dialing. By implementing one or more of these strategies, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing accidental calls in the future.

1. Go home after finishing a phone call

Get into the habit of switching to the home screen soon after finishing the phone call. If you keep the phone on the call log screen, you may accidentally tap on some number resulting in butt dialing. If your phone got the Home button, tap or use the on-screen navigation keys to switch to the home screen. Keep on doing this regularly and it will be in your habit after a few days. Initially, it may take some time to remember consistently, but with practice, it will become a habit in just a few days.

2. Lock your phone before putting it in a pocket or bag

This is another important thing you need to take care of. You need to lock your phone and make sure it is locked before you keep it in your pocket. Pressing the power button will lock the phone instantly. If you usually forget to lock the phone, you can set the auto-lock the phone after a certain amount of time. You can set the time to 1 or 3 minutes.

3. Use Pocket Mode

Few smartphone brands offer the “Pocket Mode” in their custom UI. OnePlus, Honor, Xiaomi, and a few other brands offer Pocket mode. If you enable it, your phone will not respond to accidental touch or fingerprint operations when the phone is in your pocket or bag. If your phone got pocket mode, you must enable this. It will help you to prevent pocket mode. If your phone does not get any such option, you can go with the next option I am adding after this.

4. Use a Call Confirm App

If you failed to follow the above ways to prevent butt dialing, you can download and install the Call Confirm app. Call Confirm app will prompt “Do you really want to call?” Before placing a call to a person. So, your phone cannot make call until you confirm. This will surely prevent the bull calling and pocket dialing.

This app comes with different options to set your preferences. It lets you set call confirmation only for necessary numbers if you want. You can also set the exceptions list to specify numbers that do not require call confirmation.

The app also has a pro version that allows you to add a password confirmation before placing the call. In this way, you can prevent calling paid services accidentally.

5. Avoid putting direct-dial shortcuts on the home screen

If you have the habit of using direct-dial shortcuts for making one-tap calls, you need to stop using it. Most of the time, it leads to accidental dialing or pocket dialing if you keep the phone in your pocket without locking it. In case you cannot remove direct-dial options, you can arrange them all into a folder. It will help for sure.

Do butt dials happen?

Yes, there are lots of people who report the same. Even I faced this problem a few times. This is the reason I decided to write an article on it.

Final Words

Now you know what to do if you face accidental call dials, pocket dials, or butt dials. You just need to follow these options and I am sure you will see improvements. You will not face butt dialing or pocket dialing in the future. It will surely save you from several embarrassing moments.

I hope this article helps. If you like this, you can share this with your friends to let them know how they can prevent pocket dial or butt dial. If you have anything to say or suggest, you can always leave a comment to use the contact details given on the contact page. I always respond to emails and comments if relevant. Do not make any personal requests as these things will be ignored.

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Deepanker Verma is the founder of Nerdy Guides. He is a tech blogger, software developer, and gadget freak. He also runs TheWPGuides and Techlomedia.

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