How to make Siri listen longer for Commands on iPhone and iPad

Pressing the side key invokes Siri, then it waits for a specific time for listening to your command. But what if you think Siri cuts you off before you finish speaking a command, you can make Siri listen longer. For such cases, Apple now lets you change the time Siri waits for listening to your command. In this article, I will show you steps for changing the time duration Siri waits for your command.

If you hold down the button while speaking the command, Siri‌ will continue listening until you release the button. But this method is not feasible if you are using hands-free. With this method, you can speak to Siri for as long as needed.

Make Siri listen longer for Commands

Open the Settings app and then tap Accessibility. Here, tap Siri under the General section. Change Siri Paise Time to Long or Longest as per your need.

After you change this setting, Siri will listen for a bit longer. Next time when you invoke ‌Siri‌, the virtual assistant will wait longer than usual to listen to you. You can always change this setting as per your need.

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