How to make colorful QR codes with Logo

colorful QR codes with Logo

I already wrote an article on how to make QR codes. Most of the time, you may have seen a QR code in the form of a black matrix. But very few people know that they can make colorful QR codes and even can add logos to them. I am sure you have already seen QR codes of Paypal, Google Pay, or other payment services where QR codes have a logo at the center. If you want to make a QR Code with a logo, you can make it for free.

In this article, I will tell you how to make colorful QR codes with Logo. If you were looking for such a tool, keep reading about how to make a QR code with a logo. See a sample of such colorful QR codes with a logo.

NerdyGuides QR code

This QR code will open the Facebook page of NerdyGuides.

Generate colorful QR codes with Logo

Open Free QR code Generator. This tool is safe to use and it doesn’t keep user data. The tool also doesn’t ask to signup. So, you just need to open and start making a QR code.

First of all, enter data for making the QR code. If you are making the QR code for a link, enter the URL. If you want to make it for email, select that tab. You can make a QR code for a link, email, text, call, SMS, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, or V-card. Select the relevant tab and enter the data.

The first option is to select Background and Foreground colors. Select the desired colors to use in the QR code. QR code is generally a collection of small black squares on white background. But you can change the design. Select from any of the available designs.

Generate colorful QR codes with Logo

The second option is to select the design of the QR code. You can select the QR patterns, marker border, and maker center from the given options. There are several ways to customize the design.

QR code with custom design

The third option is to upload a logo or select one from existing logo options. If you are making QR codes for Instagram or Facebook pages, you can select relevant logos. Otherwise, upload your own logo to use.

make colorful QR codes with Logo

When you are done, click on the Generate QR Code button on the right side and wait for a few seconds.

Now you will see a colorful QR code with a logo. You can download the logo and then use it anywhere you want.

There are several other QR code tools where you get more designs for QR codes. If you are really interested in experimenting with several QR code designs, you can try QRcode-Monkey or Scanova. These services also let users make dynamic QR codes where you can change the data of the QR without affecting the QR code.


Now you know how to make custom QR codes with custom foreground and background colors. You also know how to add logos to custom QR codes. I have also added two more tools where you will get more customization options for custom QR codes. So stop using boring QR codes and now use beautiful QR codes for your QR marketing.



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