How to Generate QR Code

Generate QR Code

If you want to know how to generate a QR code, I am sure you already know what is QR code. QR code is a 2D code similar to a barcode and contains information about a product, URL, or other data.

Here is what a typical QR code looks like.

QR Code

If you scan this QR code, it will open

QR code scanner apps are available for both Android and iOS. The camera app of iOS also natively supports QR code scanning. Some Android phone manufacturers have also integrated QR code scanning into their camera apps. This post is not about QR code scanning, but about QR code generators. You may have seen the use of QR codes in several places but do you know how to generate and use QR codes? In this article, I will tell you how to generate QR codes.

Generate QR Code Online

Here are the steps to generate QR codes online. This guide will also tell you how to generate a QR code with logo.

Step 1: Open QR Code Generator. This online tool lets you generate QR codes online. You can create QR codes for a URL, email, text, call, SMS, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi, V-Card, and Paypal.

Step 2: Enter the data for which you want to create a QR code. Select any of the tabs depending on your needs.

QR Code Generator

Step 3: This is optional. You can customize the QR code by selecting a logo, background, or Foreground color and size.

Step 4: Click on the Generate QR code button to generate the QR code. Wait a few seconds until it refreshes to load the QR code.

How to Generate QR Code

Step 5: You can download the QR code in PNG or SVG formats using the links just below the QR code.

Now you can use this QR code anywhere including your business card, promotional material, or signboards depending on the kind of QR code you made.

The QR code will work for as long as it exists in any form. It will not expire. This tool can only generate static QR code. That means QR code data cannot be changed. So, be careful while generating the QR code if you want to use it in printed form. Make sure you check if QR code is working fine before printing it.

Wrap UP

This is not the only tool for creating QR codes online. But this tool works fine and does not ask you to sign up before you use it. The tool also lets you customize the QR code look and feel to make it look better. You can change color, add your logo and customize the size.



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