How to enable haptic Feedback on the iPhone keyboard

Apple has added a new haptic feedback option for the default keyboard on iPhone. If you enable it, you will feel slight vibration after each key tapped while typing. It is like providing a physical confirmation that the key was pressed.

This feature has been available in some third-party keyboard apps and several Android phones for years. Now finally Apple has added it to iPhone’s default keyboard. Keep reading to know how to enable the Haptic feedback in iPhone’s default keyboard app. Your iPhone should be on iOS 16 or higher. Even if your iPhone is on silent mode, the haptic mode will keep working until you manually disable it.

This feature is Disabled by default. To enable the haptic feedback, open the Settings App. Tap Sounds & Haptics. Go to Keyboard Feedback, and turn on Haptic.

haptic Feedback on the iPhone keyboard

Now when you type on your iPhone, you will feel a slight vibration. It is a good tactile feel to typing on your iPhone. here it is worth noting that using this feature will slightly affect the battery backup for sure.

Try the haptic feedback on your iPhone and let me know your views about it.

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