How to download WhatsApp Status videos using MX Player on Android


WhatsApp Status is a feature that lets people share their moments with their contacts. It can be a photo, short video, or text. Status lasts for just 24 hours. What if you like someone’s status and want to save it? There is no native option in WhatsApp to save the status. You can capture screenshots of photos but what about videos or GIFs? So, you need to use third-party apps. There are a few good apps that let you save WhatsApp statuses or stories, but there is a better and more trusted app. This app is MX Player. MX Player is a popular video player for Android that also brings streaming content from Times Internet. So, it lets you watch locally saved videos along with offering streaming video and music content. Recently the app has also added an option to save the WhatsApp Status of your contacts. So, you can now use MX Player to save WhatsApp status.

In this article, I will tell you how you can download WhatsApp status videos using MX Player. If you are already using MX Player on your phone, you can now use it to download WhatsApp Status as well.

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Download WhatsApp status on Android using MX Player

Open the MX Player app and click on the Hamburger button (three horizontal lines) located at the top left side. It will open the menu where you need to select WhatsApp Status Saver option.

Download WhatsApp status on Android using MX Player

It will show you all the WhatsApp status videos and GIFs shared by your friends. You can only see those Status videos or GIFs that you have seen on WhatsApp. WhatsApp downloads Status videos only when you see it.

You can now share the video to your WhatsApp Status or on any other social media depending on your choice.

How does it work?

WhatsApp saved Stories in a local temporary folder that your gallery app doesn’t show. You can also access that folder using the File manager app on your phone. You can navigate to path Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses. MX Player is a video player app that needs storage access to work. When it has storage access, it can also access the temporary folder where WhatsApp keeps Status files. This is the reason it can offer WhatsApp status save feature.

Final Words

Most people in India already have the MX Player because of its free streaming video content and the app doesn’t even ask people to sign up. Even if the streaming content is not available in your country, the app still serves are a good video player for Android. Now with the WhatsApp Status saver feature, the app gives one more reason to use it. In this article, I told you how to download WhatsApp status videos. So, start using the app to download the WhatsApp status form now.


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