How to Delete YouTube Account

How to Delete YouTube Account

YouTube is a popular video-sharing website on the Internet. People can watch videos or share their own videos with the world. YouTube has given people a platform to show creativity and earn money by using its video monetization option. Not just video uploading and watching, but it also allows people to perform various activities. One can subscribe channel, like/dislike videos, and post comments. If you want to subscribe, like, dislike or comment on YouTube videos, you should have a YouTube account.

If you have been doing these things on YouTube, you already have a YouTube account. However, you may have a reason to stop using your YouTube account and wish to learn how to delete your YouTube account. This is a personal choice, and there could be so many reasons for doing this.

How to Delete YouTube Account

YouTube started as a video-sharing platform a long time back in 2005. But it was acquired by Google for US$1.65 billion in 2006. In those days, it was the biggest internet deal. Google knew the value of YouTube and this is the reason it spent this much amount on YouTube. YouTube is now the third most visited website on the Internet after Google and Facebook. After short videos became popular, YouTube also introduced shorts that gained popularity in a short time.

Now YouTube account is integrated with your Google account as a service. So, you need to go and remove this product from your Google account. Initially, it was associated with a Google+ account. So, one had to delete a Google+ account to delete a YouTube account. After the company discontinued Google+, YouTube accounts were detached from Google+ and are now associated with the primary Google account.

Note: Before you learn the steps, you must know that removing YouTube service from your Google account will not affect other Google products including Gmail, Google Photos, or Google Drive.

Before you delete your account, you should download your YouTube data by using Google Takeout service This is the Google service to download data from any Google service.

Steps to delete YouTube account

These are the steps to delete a YouTube account:

Step 1: Click on this link to open the Account Preferences page. If you are not already logged into your Google account, it will ask you to log in before accessing this page. Then Click Manage your data & Privacy.

Delete YouTube Account

Step 2: Then scroll down to Apps and Privacy and click on it.

Delete YouTube Account

Step 3: Now select Delete a service.

Delete YouTube Account

Step 4: Then select Delete a service again on the new page. It will ask you to confirm the password before you proceed.

Step 5: The new page will list all the services with a trash icon in front of each to delete the service from your account. TO delete your YouTube account, click the trash icon in front of YouTube.

Delete YouTube account

It will again ask for your Google account password to confirm your action. Deleting YouTube will not have any effect on other Google services and data stored or associated with other Google services. It will only delete the YouTube account and data associated with the YouTube account.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

On YouTube, you can create a channel for yourself. All your uploaded videos will be available on your YouTube channel. People who are interested in watching videos can subscribe to your channel to get updates when you upload a new video. If you want to delete your YouTube account just because you do not want to continue your YouTube channel and also want to delete your existing videos, you can consider deleting your YouTube account in place of deleting the whole YouTube account. In this way, you can delete your videos but you will still have a YouTube account to perform other YouTube actions such as comments, likes, or dislikes.

Deleting a YouTube channel is simple but, you have to find out option for that. Follow these steps to delete a YouTube channel:

Step 1. Open YouTube and log in to your YouTube account. YouTube account credentials will be the same as your Google account.

Step 2. Go to your advanced account settings. For this, click on your profile picture at the top right corner and click on the gear icon. Here, find the option for Advanced just below your email address.

Step 3. In the Advanced Settings page, you will see the option Delete channel at the bottom.

Step 4. Click on it to Delete your YouTube channel. It will also delete all the videos you uploaded to the channel.

By following the steps given above, you will be able to delete the YouTube channel associated with a YouTube account. You must consider both things and think about what you exactly want to do. Deleting a YouTube account and deleting a YouTube channel are different things. So, you should think about your current requirement. Because deletion is a one-way process. You will not be able to get your deleted data back.

Wrap Up

This was the tutorial covering how to delete a Youtube account and how to delete a YouTube channel. Now, you know that there is no option to delete the YouTube account. If you have a Google account, you already have an account on YouTube. You only need to remove the YouTube service to stop using YouTube with your Google account. But you can also see it same as deleting a YouTube account. I also recommend using Google Takeout to download your data before you proceed with the steps given above. Try this way to delete your youtube account and let me know if you got successful in this. If you have any confusion or trouble while performing any of the things mentioned above, you can ask me by putting a comment below. I will try to respond to your queries as soon as possible.



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