How to check if your Steam games library will work on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is now set to be available to users who have pre-ordered the device. The issue with Steam Deck is that not all Steam games are supported on the device. Some games will run smoothly, while some games require additional tweaks in settings to be playable on the device. Several games won’t run on Steam Deck. If you are planning to get the device, you need to first check if your games are supported. Otherwise, there is no point in getting this handheld gaming console.

Steam has now made a dedicated web page to check if your Steam library supports Steam Deck. This page will show Verified games that have been certified to work with Steam Deck. Certified gamers will be playable on the Steam Deck. There are several games that are yet to be rated but the company is working hard to test all the games are quick as possible.

Visit this page and sign in to your Steam account. It will check all the games in your Steam Library to let you know what games are supported on Steam Deck.

Steam has made four categories of Deck compatibility. Verified games are those that work great on Steam Deck. Playable games are those that may require manual tweaking in settings to play the game/ Unsupported games won’t run on Steam Deck. The Unknown badge indicates that the game has not been tested for Steam Deck compatibility.

Steam has already tested thousands of games and more than 400 games are Certified for Steam Deck. More than 800 games are also playable. But Steam has more than 200k games. So, it will take a few more months to test and rate all the games for Steam Deck.

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