How to check If Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app available on all leading mobile platforms. It works on the mobile phone number and has now replaced SMS. The app lets you have text conversations, voice calls, video calls, and share files. You can also send voice notes and share locations. When you create an account on WhatsApp, it automatically reads your contact and you can then chat with the person who is on your contact and has a WhatsApp account. Anyone having your phone number can ping you on WhatsApp. If you mistakenly add the wrong person or someone is creating trouble for you, you have an option to block the contact.

In the same way, other people may block you if he or she does not want to talk to you. If you had a conversation with a friend on WhatsApp but now you are not getting any replies, the possibility is that the person has blocked you. In case you are not sure if someone has blocked you, you can check it by several methods.

1. WhatsApp shows the Last Seen status of a contact in the chat if the other person has not explicitly hidden it. If you could remember, you see the “Last seen at..” or “Online” status for a person on WhatsApp. If the person has blocked you, these statuses will not be there for you. You will see nothing.

But WhatsApp has an option to hide the Last Seen status. If you are not getting the Last Seen status, it doesn’t mean you have been blocked.

2. When you try to send a message to the person, it will never be delivered. So you will see only a single check mark. It will never show a double-check mark that indicates that message was delivered.

Check If Someone Has Blocked on WhatsApp

3. Open the contact’s profile. If the other person has blocked you, you will not see the contact’s profile picture and WhatsApp status.

4. Try creating a personal group with the contact. If you have been blocked by the contact, you will not be able to add the contact to a group. It will show ‘Can’t Add Participant’ or ‘Failed to Add’ errors. If you see these errors, it indicates you have been blocked by the contact.

Try checking all the points to find out if you have been blocked by the person. Due to privacy reasons, WhatsApp never says it clearly that you are blocked. If you suspect, check by using the methods I wrote.

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