Compress PNG, JPEG, and WebP Images Online with TinyPNG

Do you want to compress an image to reduce its size? There are many online tools and desktop tools available for compressing images. TinyPNG is a similar kind of online tool for compressing images. As the name suggests, it works well for PNG images. Initially, TinyPNG was launched for compressing PNG images, but now it also supports JPEG and WebP compression. There could be several reasons why you want to compress an image and reduce its size. Whatever may be the reason, TinyPNG will help you in compressing PNG, JPEG, and WebP images. If you are looking for good photo compression software, you can use TinyPNG.

Update: Now this tool also supports the compression of JPG images.

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TinyPNG is a nice tool that performs lossy compression on images to reduce their size. It tries to decrease the number of colors and removes unnecessary metadata information. The compressed output image also gives the original image-like quality but in a lower size. Most of the time, you will not be able to notice the difference between the original and compressed images. The service does not need any kind of registration.

TinyPNG supports drag-and-drop file uploads. It also supports batch file compression but you can only upload 20 images at once. You cannot upload images larger than 5 MB in size. As you start uploading images with drag and drop, it starts compression with a progress bar. Once the compression is finished, it adds a download link along with the percentage amount of compression. See the snapshot below.

The compression ratio of the tool is also very good.  Most of the time, it compresses images by 70% or greater. I regularly use it to compress images for adding to my blog posts. I personally use TinyPNG and recommend it to my readers.

TinyPNG is really a nice tool that compresses PNG images without loss of quality. Try this service by yourself and share your experience with us. If you know any other good image compression software, share it with us via comments.  

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